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Get a proper concrete layout

When your concrete isn't poured correctly, you can find yourself spending more time and money repairing the damage. When you hire Fuentes Construction to lay your concrete, you will get expansion and control joints placed on the concrete to prevent any heating and cracking.

Concrete services

- Proper slope run off

- Sidewalks

- Driveways

- Thick layer of concrete

- Control joints

- Expansion joints

- Heating and buckling prevention

- Professional layout

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Get a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every job performed by Fuentes Construction. With the use of quality materials, expert workers, and many years of experience, you can depend on Fuentes Construction to deliver.

Experience better curb appeal with the help of expert construction work from Fuentes Construction. Our 15 years of experience will provide you with quality work that you will enjoy for years to come.





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Get 100% satisfaction guarantee on every job